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The 64oz PET Growler

This PET plastic Growler is a great option for off-premise draught beer sales, as a substitute for traditional glass vessels. It allows consumers to take fresh draught beer directly from the tap to places that glass is not allowed, including beaches, parks and other outdoor venues.

In addition to traditional amber Growlers, clear PET Growlers  will be available soon and can also incorporate up to 30% post-consumer PET (PCR) for orders of 50,000 pieces and above. The 64oz Growler is manufactured in Cleveland, OH USA.

This Growler features a decorating lug in the base to facilitate screen printing, so unlike traditional glass Growlers, you can print multiple colors on the the 64oz PET Growler. On the other side of the Growler, there  is a large  front label area so you have plenty of room for branding, as well as all mandatory legal information required by different states.

Unique design, with a nod to tradition:

The 64oz PET Growler was designed with the craft beer lover in mind. After testing several designs in a consumer focus groups, the patented, grippered design offers a functional, attractive and lightweight Growler to meet consumers' demand for convenience, portability and performance.

Pinch grips on the back side of the 64oz PET Growler allow bartenders and consumers to handle the filled Growler with ease, and a standard 38-400 neck means that you can choose from many lined closures. Most importantly, the recyclable PET plastic is substantially lighter than glass, and is allowed in many places that glass is not – from sporting events and concerts, to beaches and parks. It can be washed with soap and re-used, or – for occasions when it's inconvenient to bring the container back with you – the plastic Growler is so inexpensive, it can be recycled in the PET recycling bins found in parks, at beaches and at other public places.

Another unique aspect of the gripper panels is that they are designed to expand slightly if the beer inside the Growler gets warm. This feature not only tells the consumer that he or she should cool down the beer before consuming it, but it also prevents too much pressure from building inside the container, as can happen with glass Growlers.
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64oz Amber PET Growler
64oz Amber PET Growler
Our Price: $2.95

64oz Amber PET Growler
Includes 1 Color Imprint
$100 One Time Set Up
BPA Free
Made in USA
38-400 Neck Finish
Uses Same Cap as Standard 64oz Growler
144 Minimum
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