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Custom Made Bottling Line
Custom Made Bottling Line

Custom Made Bottling Line

HMI touch screen controls.
Fully automated filling & crowning.
Automatic cleaning & sanitizing cycles.
Powered by compressed air, no motors, gears or bearings to maintain.
Bottle pre-evacuation and long tube filling for low air pick-up.
Available in 4 & 6 head configurations and multiple machines can be used together for added production.
Production rates up to 1,600 bottles per hour for 4-head system and 2,300 bottles per hour from 6-head Merlin.
Bottles are rinsed using bottle handling plates allowing operators to move 16 or 24 bottles at one time.
Bottles are fed into Merlin by gravity and are pushed into capping and filling position.
Bottle pressures controlled by computer and long filling tubes for calm pours.
CO2 pulse for foaming beverage before crowning for low airs.
Double pre-evacuation with the touch of a button

The new touch screen for the Merlin bottling machine features three slide bars, two pressure meters, manifold temperature display and Auto Off/On, Rest, Pulse, 2nd Evac, Liquid psi Control buttons and Liquid psi arrow key adjustment with pressure display. Slide bars are used to adjust fill detection, pulse intensity and low pressure adjustment which effects foaming of the product before capping. The buttons on the left side of the screen are used to return to the main menu, reset, the machine, Start and stop the auto cycle, turn the pulse on /off (Effects foaming) and control single or double pre-evacuation of bottles before filling. Temperature display and liquid psi controls are completely new features for the Merlin machines and helps the operator to best judge and control dispensing pressure.

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Custom Made Aluminum Bottle Bottling Line
Custom Made Aluminum Bottle Bottling Line

Custom Made Aluminum Bottle Bottling Line

Automatic fill detection system
Full HMI touch screen
Bottle rinsing with handling plates
Double Pre-evacuation
Computer counter pressure control
Long tube filling for gentle pours
Computer controlled product foaming
Automatic crown sorting & feeding
Powered by compressed air
No motors to maintain
No conveyors or bearings to service
Production rates up to 40bpm
Small foot print for tight spaces
Clean in place / Sanitize in place
Automatic leak detection
Manual override and component testing
Low annual maintenance cost
Outstanding customer support

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Pressure Sensitive Bottle Labeler
Pressure Sensitive Bottle Labeler

Pressure Sensitive Bottle Labeler

Complete your bottling line with a pressure sensitive labeling machine supplied by In-Line Labeling connected directly to the out feed of your Merlin with bottles automatically transferred to the labeler.

Pressure Sensitive Labeler

Versatile:  Our model 1000 Pressure Sensitive Labeler is designed to work in tandem with our Custom Made Bottler to apply labels to round bottles. It can apply labels from 1" to 4 ˝" high and up to 14" long. Running at speeds up to 100 containers per minute, it accepts random or continuous bottle feed.  The 1000MH Labeler handles containers from 1" to 6 " in diameter. The height of the label can be placed up to 8" from the base of the container.

Accurate:  The Pressure Sensitive Labeler precisely controls web feed and label placement through the use of a powerful PLC, quality photo eye and gap sensors, and a sophisticated electronic braking drive.  There are no clutch/brake mechanisms that will wear out.  The spacing wheel is standard on the Labeler for increased spacing accuracy.

Easy to operate:  The fully automatic Labeler has a PLC interface that easily controls all machine functions. Normal set up and changeovers take less than ten minutes and require no tools.

Modifications available:  The Labeler can be easily modified to apply labels up to 7 ˝ " tall and also apply labels to tapered containers.  Stepper motors can be provided for faster or more accurate labeling.  A Hot Stamp or Ink Stamp Coder is available to code date and lot information on the label.

Label size: 1" to 4 1/2" tall, 1" to 14" long
Speed: Variable to 1000 ipm
Maximum rate: 100 labels/min.
Label gap: 1/8" standard, up to 1/4" on some.
Core Size: 3 inches diameter
Roll size: Maximum 12 inches
Product detection: Photoelectric eye, diffuse reflection
Label detections: Micro switch with direct contact on label and web.
Power requirements: 120 volts AC, 5 amp
Compressed Air: 60 psi @ 2 cfm
The Big Hopper
The Big Hopper
Our Price: $685.00

The Big Hopper option dramatically increases the crown hopper capacity for Merlin 6-head bottling machines built from 1999 on. The Big Hopper can easily hold 1/3+ box of crowns at one time and will gradually feed those crowns to the crown sorting drum. This extra capacity means no more running out of crowns or frequently adding more crowns to the standard hopper. The Big Hopper also features a removable front plate for easy removal of crowns from the hopper or the front plate can be left out for short runs when the extra capacity of the Big Hopper is not needed.

Big Hopper kit to fit all 6-head Merlin machines $685