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Townshend’s tea company began as a college project at the University of Oregon. Owner Matt Thomas began his first teahouse in 2003. The company now has 3 retail locations, and Brew Dr. Kombucha is sold in over 100 outlets throughout Oregon and Washington.
Townshend’s prides itself in offering the best of all manifestations of tea. In 2008 that idea led to the brewing and bottling of raw kombucha, branding it “Brew Dr. Kombucha.” Townshend’s uses its own organic teas, along with organic herbs and organic sugar in all of its brews.
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Brew Dr. Kombucha on Tap - Just Ginger
Our Price: $100.00

Our newest flavor of Brew Dr. Kombucha, Just Ginger is brewed simply
from Townshend’s organic Bai Lin Gongfu black tea, organic yerba máte,
organic sugar and copious amounts of organic ginger root. The resulting
kombucha is satisfyingly spicy and subtly sweet with a clean, unaltered flavor of just ginger.
Brew Dr. Kombucha on Tap - Lemon Ginger Cayenne
Our Price: $100.00

Organic raw kombucha, organic ginger root, Townshend’s organic Soaring Crane green tea, organic cane sugar, organic lemongrass, organic cayenne pepper and organic lemon balm
Brew Dr. Kombucha on Tap - Love
Our Price: $100.00

The combination of jasmine and lavender creates a unique and refreshing flavor, making this a very popular brew during the warmer months. Of course, Love is good anytime of the year.
Brew Dr. Kombucha on Tap - Nutritonic
Our Price: $100.00

This is a brew for the seasoned kombucha drinker. Made with medicinal
herbs that have stood the test of time, Brew Dr.’s Nutritonic kombucha
is the ideal drink for maintaining health and wellness. Starting with a
dark green Japanese Sencha and yerba máte as the tea base, Nutritonic is loaded with organic herbs from Townshend’s Apothecary.
Brew Dr. Kombucha on Tap - Spiced Apple
Our Price: $100.00

Brew Dr.’s Spiced Apple kombucha is the closest kombucha has ever come to pie. With tones of cinnamon and nutmeg, this calming wintery kombucha is a uniquely cider-like experience. Starting with black tea and finishing with a mix of classic cider spices, this kombucha definitely has the most devoted and passionate fan base.
Brew Dr. Kombucha on Tap - Superberry
Our Price: $100.00

This delicately crafted brew is pleasing to the palate as well as the
body. Brew Dr.’s Superberry kombucha is rich in antioxidants and vitamin
C, and as Wuyi Mountain Oolong is harvested in the spring, we feel it
is the perfect tea base for our collection of wild flowers and berries.
Brew Dr. Kombucha on Tap - White Rose
Our Price: $100.00

Brew Dr.’s White Rose kombucha is crafted with organic white tea. As
the white tea’s light and refreshing nature lends itself perfectly to
the crisp sweetness of kombucha, the subtle presence of rose gives this
delicate drink a soft floral finish.